Reviews in a Line or Two: Two of a Kind, Lost in Austen, The Lonely Guy

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Two of a Kind (1983)
When John Travolta is playing a bank robber who invented edible sunglasses, you know you’ve got a special film on your hands. This is an… interesting watch, with a very odd premise and some very hilarious 1980s effects, landing it in the “so bad it’s good” category.
The score: 3/5

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Lost in Austen
(2008, miniseries)
In this very charming British miniseries, a modern girl named Amanda Price enters the world of Pride and Prejudice after finding Elizabeth Bennet hiding in her bathroom and discovering a door that allows them to move between the Bennet home and Amanda’s apartment. Hilarious clashes between Amanda’s manners and the customs of the Bennet family’s world in combination with a number of very good performances make this series very fun to watch.
The score: 4/5

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The Lonely Guy
Steve Martin stars as Larry Hubbard, a shy greeting card writer who gets a shock and finds himself plagued by loneliness after he finds his girlfriend in bed with another man. The film is sometimes very goofy (aren’t all of Steve Martin’s films at least a little bit goofy?), but gets quite a few laughs and comes off as a parody of the romantic comedy genre with an underlying tinge of honest sadness.
The score: 3/5

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