What to Watch #8: March 27 – April 2

Welcome to this week’s installment of What to Watch, where I share my recommendations for your DVR-ing and Netflix-ing. All times are listed in EST and subject to change. Check your local listings for any deviations. Asterisk notes what I hope to record this week. (You all know the drill by now.)

March 27

12:45 pm on TCM – I Know Where I’m Going (1945) – starring Wendy Hiller and Roger Livesey

11:30 pm on TCM – The Fast and the Furious* (1954) – not to be confused with the Vin Diesel film, this one stars John Ireland and Dorothy Malone


March 28

1:00 am on TCM – Thunder Road (1958) – starring Robert Mitchum

6:00 am on FMC – Love Nest (1951) – starring June Haver, William Lundigan and Marilyn Monroe

7:45 am on TCM – Dead Ringer* (1964) – starring Bette Davis and directed by my boo Paul Henreid

PROPAGANDA ALERT: At 11:26 am on TCM there will be a short featuring Bette Davis selling war bonds for Christmas!

11:30 am on TCM – A Stolen Life (1946) – starring Bette Davis and Glenn Ford

5:00 pm on TCM – Two-Faced Woman* (1941) – starring Garbo and Constance Bennett

8:00 pm on TCM – Edge of the City (1957) – starring Sidney Poitier


March 29

6:00 am on FMC – On the Sunny Side* (1942) – Sounds like an exact counterpoint to Tomorrow, The World with a British kid instead of Emil. Starring Roddy McDowall and Stanley Clements.

8:40 am on FMC – That Night in Rio* (1941) – starring Don Ameche, Alice Faye and Carmen Miranda

9:30 am on TCM – 42nd Street (1933) – starring Warner Baxter, Bebe Daniels, Ginger Rogers, Una Merkel, Dick Powell, etc.

11:15 am on TCM – Penthouse (1933) – starring Warner Baxter and Myrna Loy

11:40 am on FMC – Ferngully: The Last Rainforest (1992) – TIM CURRY IS AWESOME.

March 30

7:30 am on TCM – Bride of Frankenstein (1935) – starring Boris Karloff, Colin Clive and Valerie Hobson

8:00 am on FMC – Anastasia (1956) – starring Ingrid Bergman

12:00 pm on TCM – Torchy Plays with Dynamite (1939) – starring Jane Wyman and Allen Jenkins

8:00 pm on TCM – The Lady Eve (1941) – starring Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda

9:45 pm on TCM – I Love You Again (1940) – starring William Powell and Myrna Loy

March 31

MAD MEN ALERT – “Dark Shadows” and “Christmas Waltz” are showing on AMC starting at 6:00 AM

7:30 am on TCM – Ben-Hur (1959) – starring Charlton Heston

8:50 am on FMC – Nightmare Alley (1947) – starring Tyrone Power and Joan Blondell

6:00 pm on TCM – Easter Parade (1948) – starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire


April 1

8:00 am on TCM – He Who Gets Slapped* (1924) – starring Lon Chaney and Norma Shearer

9:15 am on TCM – The Monster (1925) – starring Lon Chaney

PROPAGANDA ALERT: The Lon Chaney silent Tell It to the Marines (1926), which is basically a Marines recruiter in film form, is playing on TCM at 12:15 pm

9:30 pm on TCM – Angels in the Outfield (1951) – starring Paul Douglas and Janet Leigh


April 2

1:00 am on TCM – Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949) – starring Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly!

7:30 am on TCM – King Kong (1933) – starring Fay Wray

11:00 am on TCM – Joy of Living (1938) – starring Irene Dunne and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

4:15 pm on TCM – Bright Leaf* (1950) – starring Gary Cooper. Lauren Bacall and Patricia Neal

8:00 pm on TCM – Strangers on a Train (1951) – starring Farley Granger and Robert Walker


No TCM, FMC, or AMC? Here are some streaming recommendations:

Silents of 1920 – 1924 on Netflix:
Anna Boleyn (1920)
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
The Man from Beyond (1922)
The Hands of Orlac (1924)

Films from 1932 streaming on Amazon Prime:
Murders in the Rue Morgue
White Zombie

One pick from the Internet Archive:
Guest in the House (1944)

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