Call for film suggestions: Classic Horror

Hello, movie buffs!

It’s the middle of September, which means it’s almost October, which means it’s almost Halloween. Those of you who have followed this blog for a while may remember that every Halloween week, I put out a feature called Horror Half-Week. This feature consists of four classic horror reviews, or three reviews and one bonus Halloween-themed post (for example, a playlist of spooky songs).

In the past I’ve chosen films by decade — one film from the ’40s, one from the ’50s, and one from the ’60s, for instance. In thinking about which films to cover this year, the idea occurred to me that it might be fun to get some input from the folks who will be reading Horror Half-Week!

So, my request is simple: Either…

a) Leave specific film recommendations below of classic horror flicks that you would like to see covered this year. Release dates may range anywhere from the 1920s – 1965. My one requirement is that the film must be easy to find on DVD or online (legal streaming or rental only), so I don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to find a copy by late-October.


b) Leave a comment with four words you feel are overused in classic horror titles. I own a 100 Horror Films set from Mill Creek and also have access to various streaming services; I will search these keywords and find horror films with titles featuring them. 

Of course, I’ll give a little shoutout to you at the opening of the Horror Half-Week post if I end up using one of the keywords you suggest or watching a film that you recommend.

Thank you all for helping keep a TMP tradition alive. I’m truly stuck regarding which films to review this year. I look forward to reading your suggestions!

(If you have any trouble with the comments section, feel free to send suggestions to me at or via Twitter, @tmplindsey.)

18 thoughts on “Call for film suggestions: Classic Horror

    1. I actually am (slowly) doing a series about all of my Mill Creek sets in hopes of reviewing every film in them – I call it Mill Creek Musings. Used to post it weekly but then grad school got in the way, so now it’s sporadic, haha. I’d be glad to dedicate more time to it though if people are interested in reading it!


  1. I couldn’t resist wanting to answer your request for the upcoming spooky month of October! Have you though about doing a theme, like the best Hammer Films (your opinion) or Universal Horrors, or the films of Barbara Steele or Peter Lorre etc. Anything you pick will no doubt be excellent as you always provide wonderful coverage of any movie you set your attentions on… If I think of a specific film, you might like to see, I’ll let you know…. I’m doing a special Scream Sirens of the 30s for Halloween this year…
    Cheers kiddoe-


    1. Looking forward to reading your Scream Sirens! I did consider a theme but thought it would be fun to ask, because you never know what obscure-but-brilliant title someone may recommend. I’ll probably do a theme next year — perhaps my favorite Vincent Price films.

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      1. Oh I think there should be a Vincent Price Blogathon! He’s the BEST! I’d love to suggest a good film that’s obscure then. Let me put my MonsterGirl brain to work… But I’m sure you’ll come up with something awesome in the meantime! I look forward to it as well….


      1. Haha!!! this shows you how bad my memory is lately! I just re-read your amazing piece on The Black Sleep– seems you wrote it for a particular Blogathon back in 2013. The CHANEY blogathon and I c0-hosted with Movies Silently!!– I enjoyed reading it again. And for October’s month of Halloween — I’ll reblog it! I forgot Bela was in it too.. what a cast right…


  2. For a cool unknown gem, I was going to recommend ‘The Devil’s Hand’, but I see you already watched that back in June…does that mean a review is still forthcoming? For a mainstream bit of horror, I love ‘Them!’, but that may be considered sci-fi. So…how about ‘Freaks’, or for a twist, the 1931 Spanish version of ‘Dracula’?

    As for four overused title words, how about: Night, Curse, Terror, and Attack?


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