Collector’s Corner: Book/Magazine Collection Update

Welcome to another edition of Collector's Corner! I initially planned to post just one collection update this month, including my film, book, and magazine collections. When I drafted it, the post was pretty huge, so I've split it up into two. Two weeks ago I shared my DVD and Blu pickups from the past couple … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Book/Magazine Collection Update


Collector’s Corner: An introduction + film collection update!

I'm one of those people that constantly rearranges things, looking for better ways to organize and catalog. When it comes to my film-related collections, I've tried it all: creating databases and spreadsheets, using barcode-scanning apps, keeping simple lists on paper, creating a categorized list on Listography. My most recent idea for my DVD and Blu … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: An introduction + film collection update!