Collector’s Corner: Collection Update, Vol. 6!

The last time I filled you all in on the new additions to my collection was in March, so I think it’s time for another update! I haven’t been buying many DVDs, but still have plenty of items to share, as the money I would usually spend on DVDs has gone toward other fun collectibles. My mom and I recently discovered an antique mall we’d … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Collection Update, Vol. 6!

Collector’s Corner: Film Collection Update, Vol. 5!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a collection update here on the blog! The last one I shared was Christmas Additions (films I got as gifts, or bought with Christmas money). That was way back at the beginning of January. A lot has happened in the intervening time. In addition to making a few in-store discount buys, I managed to rack up a pretty … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Film Collection Update, Vol. 5!

Collector’s Corner: Christmas additions!

Welcome to the first Collector’s Corner of the new year! Just as we did for the blog and my viewing log, we can’t really begin a new year without wrapping up the last of our 2017 business. So, here’s one last 2017 collection update. Some of these additions were Christmas gifts from family, and some of them were purchased with Christmas money. Books Behind the … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Christmas additions!

Collector’s Corner: Film Collection Update, Vol. 3

Welcome back to Collector’s Corner, the bi-weekly series in which I discuss all things related to my film collection. It’s time for another collection update! The last one was posted in September, so this one will cover new additions from late September, October and November. In a miraculous feat of self control, I managed not to purchase a single thing from the November B&N Criterion … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Film Collection Update, Vol. 3

Collector’s Corner: Book/Magazine Collection Update

Welcome to another edition of Collector’s Corner! I initially planned to post just one collection update this month, including my film, book, and magazine collections. When I drafted it, the post was pretty huge, so I’ve split it up into two. Two weeks ago I shared my DVD and Blu pickups from the past couple of months… …and then, there were books. (And magazines.) Nearby libraries … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Book/Magazine Collection Update

Collector’s Corner: Film Collection Update

Collector’s Corner kicked off with a collection update back in July, but I haven’t shared my recent pick-ups since then, so I’m giving you the list today! Here’s everything I’ve added to my DVD/Blu collection in the past couple of months. The Criterion sale coincided with my birthday. Naturally, with a bit of birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and everything listed at 50% … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Film Collection Update

Collector’s Corner: An introduction + film collection update!

I’m one of those people that constantly rearranges things, looking for better ways to organize and catalog. When it comes to my film-related collections, I’ve tried it all: creating databases and spreadsheets, using barcode-scanning apps, keeping simple lists on paper, creating a categorized list on Listography. My most recent idea for my DVD and Blu collection was to add every title to a list on … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: An introduction + film collection update!

Collection Update: March 2017

Though I took some time off from blogging in March, I didn’t exactly take time off from adding to the collections. Here’s what I picked up! Films Empire Records (1995) – DVD Special features include additional scenes, music videos, and filmographies. I loved this film as a teen but haven’t seen it in years. Excited to give it a second look after finding this DVD … Continue reading Collection Update: March 2017

Collection Update: February 2017

I’ve been quite proud of myself for somewhat restricting my movie spending over the past several months, and February continued that trend. The only films I purchased myself were two titles I need to get to for the Stanwyck project: Always Goodbye (DVD) Fox Cinema Archives MOD. No special features, but I watched this lesser-known Stanwyck drama as soon as it arrived. Review coming next week! … Continue reading Collection Update: February 2017

Collection Update: January 2016

January turned out to be a neat month in collecting. I found some cool movie-related books and added a few films to the shelves, too. Here’s the update! Books My mom and I took part in one of our favorite activities this month: browsing the library book sale! Her local public library holds one sale a season, and I happened to be visiting during the … Continue reading Collection Update: January 2016