Collection Update: March 2017

Though I took some time off from blogging in March, I didn’t exactly take time off from adding to the collections. Here’s what I picked up! Films Empire Records (1995) – DVD Special features include additional scenes, music videos, and filmographies. I loved this film as a teen but haven’t seen it in years. Excited to give it a second look after finding this DVD … Continue reading Collection Update: March 2017

Collection Update: February 2017

I’ve been quite proud of myself for somewhat restricting my movie spending over the past several months, and February continued that trend. The only films I purchased myself were two titles I need to get to for the Stanwyck project: Always Goodbye (DVD) Fox Cinema Archives MOD. No special features, but I watched this lesser-known Stanwyck drama as soon as it arrived. Review coming next week! … Continue reading Collection Update: February 2017

Collection Update: January 2016

January turned out to be a neat month in collecting. I found some cool movie-related books and added a few films to the shelves, too. Here’s the update! Books My mom and I took part in one of our favorite activities this month: browsing the library book sale! Her local public library holds one sale a season, and I happened to be visiting during the … Continue reading Collection Update: January 2016

Collection update: December 2016

December was a lucky month for the collection. I didn’t personally spend a single penny on adding to the shelves, but was very thoughtfully gifted several films and film-related books for the holidays. Here’s the list of December acquisitions! BOOKS The Hollywood Story by Joel W. Finler Cool coffee table book gifted by mom! This looks like a quick and fun read/reference. A quick flip-through … Continue reading Collection update: December 2016

Collection Update: October 2016

Fall is in full swing (finally, after a too-long and too-hot summer)! I love to spend time outdoors in the fall, but there’s really nothing better than cuddling up with a pup and a mug of cocoa, and reading a book or watching a film on a chilly night. To facilitate my own blanket-wrapped reading and movie-watching sessions, I picked up one DVD and a couple … Continue reading Collection Update: October 2016

Collection Update: September 2016

A relatively small collection update for September — four DVDs that I found for too-low-to-pass-up prices. I did break my “classics only” buying ban this month, but for good causes: nostalgia (two childhood favorites) and continuing my collection of Disney movies. Here’s what I picked up! The Land Before Time (DVD) I haven’t seen this movie in YEARS but loved it as a kid. Excited … Continue reading Collection Update: September 2016

Collection Update: August 2016

In last month’s collection update, I came to the realization that I hadn’t bought a single film on DVD or Blu since April! August broke that trend, and today we have an all-movie update, with no classic film books or vintage mags purchased last month. Early in the month I placed an order of five Barbara Stanwyck films to continue the recent jolt of progress … Continue reading Collection Update: August 2016

Collection Update: June 2016

This month we’ve got another all-book update! No DVDs or Blu-rays purchased in the month of June, if you can believe it! But, of course, I couldn’t resist a few bookstore trips. Here’s what I picked up. Bette Davis by Alexander Walker Lovely, oversize book offering an overview of Bette’s career and plenty of photographs. Bette is slowly taking over my classic film book collection, … Continue reading Collection Update: June 2016

Collection Update: May 2016

This month’s collection update is ALL books. Mid-month I scoped out a used bookstore I’d never been to while visiting my mom and, of course, was able to track down a few film-related books. Later in the month, I visited another used bookstore (an old favorite) and found a whole stack of stuff to bring home. Here’s the list! Directed by Vincente Minnelli by Stephen … Continue reading Collection Update: May 2016