Until They Sail (1957)

“Eat, drink, and make love, for tomorrow, we die.” -Capt. Jack Harding Barbara (Jean Simmons), Delia (Piper Laurie), Anne (Joan Fontaine), and Evelyn Leslie (Sandra Dee) are sisters living in Christchurch, New Zealand. The town is preparing for war, and just about every man — including their brother Kit, and newlywed Barbara’s husband Frank — … More Until They Sail (1957)

Sandra Dee: a tribute

On April 23 in either 1942 or 1944 (the year has been debated, with her son claiming 1944 as the correct date) Alexandra Zuck was born. She would later become known as Sandra Dee, a model-turned-actress who lived a troubled life in the public eye. Sandra Dee’s struggles have been written about at length in books … More Sandra Dee: a tribute

Summer in ‘cember: Favorite things about… Gidget

The favorite film: Gidget, a 1959 beach flick from Columbia. The synopsis: Francie Lawrence is a young girl who reluctantly heads off to the beach on a “man hunt” with her friends. Her friends have the eyes for a group of totally groovy surfer dudes, but Francie would rather swim than scope out the hot-tays … More Summer in ‘cember: Favorite things about… Gidget

Mixed bag: A Summer Place (1959), Midnight (1939), The Lady Eve (1941), Happy Go Lovely (1951)

Originally published on recollective.tumblr.com, January 13, 2012 Watched January 8, 2012 A Summer Place (1959): 5/5; When I see the name “Sandra Dee” attached to a film, I expect something pretty fluffy. As much as I love her, most of her roles were very light entertainment – cute, fun films that are highly enjoyable to … More Mixed bag: A Summer Place (1959), Midnight (1939), The Lady Eve (1941), Happy Go Lovely (1951)