Collector’s Corner: Book/Magazine Collection Update

Welcome to another edition of Collector's Corner! I initially planned to post just one collection update this month, including my film, book, and magazine collections. When I drafted it, the post was pretty huge, so I've split it up into two. Two weeks ago I shared my DVD and Blu pickups from the past couple … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Book/Magazine Collection Update


M’liss (1936)

Melissa Smith (Anne Shirley), known as "M'liss" for short, is the daughter of gold miner Washoe Smith (Guy Kibbee). A whole town has built up around Washoe's claim -- Smith's Pocket. But Washoe has become unwelcome in his own town. His luck with gold has run out, and he's being forced out of his home, … Continue reading M’liss (1936)

The Little Hut (1957)

Susan (Ava Gardner) doesn't have the ideal marriage. Wed to Sir Philip Ashlowe (Stewart Granger), a British noble, she feels neglected as he spends his time fulfilling stately duties. Desperate to reconnect, Susan convinces Philip that they should take a vacation on their yacht. Several friends are invited along, including Henry Brittingham-Brett (David Niven), with … Continue reading The Little Hut (1957)