Hold Your Man (1933)

Eddie Hall (Clark Gable) is on the run from the police. Taking shelter in an apartment building, he runs into the apartment of Ruby Adams (Jean Harlow), a stranger. Luckily for Eddie, Ruby is more than willing to help him out. She hides him in her bathroom and covers for him when the cops come … Continue reading Hold Your Man (1933)


And So They Were Married (1936)

Edith Farnham (Mary Astor), a divorcee, is headed to the Snowcrest Lodge with her daughter for Christmas. Also heading to the lodge is Stephen Blake (Melvyn Douglas), a widower who plans to spend the holiday with his young son. As for the lodge itself, the manager (Donald Meek), director Mr. Snirley (Romaine Callender), and hostess Miss Peabody (Dorothy Stickney) have … Continue reading And So They Were Married (1936)