I interrupt your usual TMP programming to take a poll!

As some of you may remember, I’ve started second blogs before. They’ve all failed, because they’ve been about things that required extra time on top of my existing commitments — reading more non-required books, testing out products and beauty tips, etc. Most recently I was considering starting a second blog for my old magazine collection, but have decided not to in favor of just adding more posts to the “Historical Context” series here.

…but I’m still tempted to start a second blog, and I’d like to do that by making use of something I already spend my time on: modern films!

Here’s where your input comes in. Would you read a second, NON-daily blog, written by me, focused on post-’70 films? This would entail a discontinuation of the “Modern Movies” posts every month on TMP. If I were to start this second blog, would you rather me start doing ALL post-’70 reviews (Classics of the Corn, Childhood Favorites Revisited, Period Films, etc.) over there, or would you like to see some of those features continue on here?


Basically, my options are:

A) Keep one blog, continue the daily schedule, incorporate modern films more frequently*

B) Keep this blog pre-’70 focused, start a second blog and keep ALL post-’70 films over there from now on

C) Keep this blog, start a second post-’70 blog but keep certain post-’70 features going on TMP**

*I would probably do two posts on some days — one classic, one modern — if I went with this option, in order to accommodate the volume of reviews I’d be writing. There would still be classic content on the blog every day. This blog will always maintain a classic majority no matter which option I choose!

**If you’re interested in this option, tell me which features you’d like to see stick around on TMP

Please leave a comment below and let me know which of these three ideas you like best!