Distractions in July

July was a pretty good movie month for me, with 26 screenings, but I also found myself distracted from the world of classic cinema on a couple of occasions. Here are TMP’s distractions from July!

(Image via Keri Russell Source)
(Image via Keri Russell Source)

Felicity on Hulu
I watched maybe two episodes of this series in its original run, and I very clearly remember the public outcry over Keri Russell’s hair cut. Mid-month I needed a new “background noise” TV show to watch while doing some writing/editing. On Hulu, it was a choice between this and Dawson’s Creek. I was in the mood for something slightly older after watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black and the first season of iZombie in June. I went for this since I’ve seen much less of it than Dawson’s. At first I was like “Uh, is this really a show about a girl who dropped her college plans and followed a stranger across the country because she had a high school crush on him?” (Apparently neither of the two episodes I saw back in the day were the pilot, haha.) But I got sucked into it and ended up binge-watching a ton of episodes. Finished the first two seasons and started the third. This’ll probably be a distraction for August too, since I’m still not finished with the series… or maybe September, since I’ve been pretty devoted to Summer Under the Stars this month!

(Image via Fanpop)
(Image via Fanpop)

Gilmore Girls re-watch
At the end of July, Netflix announced the release date for the new four-part Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life series. November 25! In advance of those episodes, I’ve decided to do another re-watch of the original seasons. I watched the show in its original run and have seen all of the episodes a few times over on DVD. I found the preview for A Year in the Life to be a little awkward, but I still have high hopes. I’ll always have a soft spot for this show because, growing up with a single mom, the Lorelai/Rory dynamic reminds me so much of us (though we’re plus one daughter, minus the wealthy grandparents haha). This is another distraction that will continue through August and probably longer, since there are 153 episodes running around 45 minutes each.

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