Washington Melodrama (1941)

Politics, big business, showgirls and murder all collide in 1941’s Washington Melodrama, directed by S. Sylvan Simon. Industrialist Calvin Claymore (Frank Morgan) is the head of a group that supports a bill to send financial assistance to Europe during the war. Battling against Calvin is Hal Thorne (Kent Taylor), a man of isolationist beliefs who runs a newspaper, the Daily Tabloid. When Calvin heads off … Continue reading Washington Melodrama (1941)

Four Girls in White (1939)

Four Girls in White is a medical dramedy centered around four girls in nursing school, completing their training at the local (read as: average) metropolitan hospital. Florence Rice (“Norma”), Una Merkel (“Gertie”), Ann Rutherford (“Pat”) and Mary Howard (“Mary”) star as the girls who “take your pulse and capture your heart,” according to the film’s tag line. A few of them are serious about nursing, … Continue reading Four Girls in White (1939)