Hello, movie buffs!

It’s the middle of September, which means it’s almost October, which means it’s almost Halloween. Those of you who have followed this blog for a while may remember that every Halloween week, I put out a feature called Horror Half-Week. This feature consists of four classic horror reviews, or three reviews and one bonus Halloween-themed post (for example, a playlist of spooky songs).

In the past I’ve chosen films by decade — one film from the ’40s, one from the ’50s, and one from the ’60s, for instance. In thinking about which films to cover this year, the idea occurred to me that it might be fun to get some input from the folks who will be reading Horror Half-Week!

So, my request is simple: Either…

a) Leave specific film recommendations below of classic horror flicks that you would like to see covered this year. Release dates may range anywhere from the 1920s – 1965. My one requirement is that the film must be easy to find on DVD or online (legal streaming or rental only), so I don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to find a copy by late-October.


b) Leave a comment with four words you feel are overused in classic horror titles. I own a 100 Horror Films set from Mill Creek and also have access to various streaming services; I will search these keywords and find horror films with titles featuring them. 

Of course, I’ll give a little shoutout to you at the opening of the Horror Half-Week post if I end up using one of the keywords you suggest or watching a film that you recommend.

Thank you all for helping keep a TMP tradition alive. I’m truly stuck regarding which films to review this year. I look forward to reading your suggestions!

(If you have any trouble with the comments section, feel free to send suggestions to me at tmplindsey@gmail.com or via Twitter, @tmplindsey.)