Favorite things about… Dial M for Murder (1954)

The favorite film: Dial M for Murder, a 1954 domestic thriller by Alfred Hitchcock The synopsis: When Tony Wendice’s plan to have his wife killed goes awry, he decides to instead get rid of her by having her locked up for murder. The cast: Ray Milland as Tony Wendice Grace Kelly as Margot Wendice Robert Cummings as Mark Halliday John Williams as Inspector Hubbard Anthony … Continue reading Favorite things about… Dial M for Murder (1954)

The Swan (1956)

Princess Beatrix (Jessie Royce Landis) is barely holding on to her royal title. She and her family have been exiled, but are desperate to win back favor through the current ruling family, headed up by Queen Maria Dominika (Agnes Moorehead). Queen Maria Dominika’s son, Prince Albert (Alec Guinness), is planning to visit Beatrix’s family, and in that visit Beatrix sees a solution to her problem. … Continue reading The Swan (1956)

My Favorite Classic Movie: To Catch a Thief (1955)

What does it take to make a “favorite” classic movie? For me, the ingredients are Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Alfred Hitchcock, and a whole lot of glamour. To Catch a Thief, released in 1955, is not objectively the greatest movie of all time. It’s not Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest film, nor the best of either of its two legendary stars. But when forced to choose a … Continue reading My Favorite Classic Movie: To Catch a Thief (1955)

TMP Reads: What Would Grace Do? by Gina McKinnon

Gina McKinnon’s What Would Grace Do? promises to teach the reader “How to Live Life in Style like the Princess of Hollywood,” none other than the beautiful Grace Kelly. I’m a huge fan of Grace and was excited to win this book waaaay back in December 2013 from a holiday giveaway at The Lady Eve’s Reel Life. Having read it in January and revisited it … Continue reading TMP Reads: What Would Grace Do? by Gina McKinnon

TCM’s Greatest Classic Romances: Mogambo

Welcome to the third day of reviews from TCM’s four-disc Greatest Classic Films: Romance set! Previous reviews: Splendor in the Grass Love in the Afternoon And tomorrow, we’ll cap off the series with a review of Now, Voyager. Film #3: Mogambo (1953) Directed by John Ford Written by John Lee Mahin from a play by Wilson Collison Starring Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly and Clark Gable … Continue reading TCM’s Greatest Classic Romances: Mogambo

Grace Kelly’s Fabled Romances

Grace Kelly is remembered as one of the most beautiful and elegant actresses who ever lived, and with such beauty… comes rumors that you have romanced every one of your co-stars. Celebrity gossip is not a new art. I’m just finished reading Gina McKinnon’s book What Would Grace Do?, and included is a section on whether or not there is actual evidence that any of … Continue reading Grace Kelly’s Fabled Romances

Green Fire (1954)

Grace Kelly and Stewart Granger star in this adventure/romantic drama, centered on a greed-inducing emerald deposit in South America. Granger portrays Rian Mitchell, who along with his partner Vic (Paul Douglas) is looking for riches in the form of emeralds. The two have been traveling from place to place, mine to mine, hoping to find success but often finding nothing. Vic is reluctant to mine … Continue reading Green Fire (1954)

In honor of this Hallmark holiday… let’s talk about my favorite screen couples!

Some people like to go out to dinner with their sweethearts on February 14. Some like to wallow. Some simply don’t care. Me? I use the (usually uneventful) day to celebrate my favorite on-screen romances and watch them, schedule permitting. This year, the schedule does not permit. I won’t be home from campus until around 10 pm, so rather than watch them, this year I’m … Continue reading In honor of this Hallmark holiday… let’s talk about my favorite screen couples!