Period film: Allied (2016)

Max Vatan (Brad Pitt), a Canadian in the RAF, is traveling to Casablanca on a mission during World War II. He’s been partnered with Marianne Beauseour (Marion Cotillard), a French Resistance fighter. Posing as a married couple from Paris, Max and Marianne team up to carry out an assassination plot against a German ambassador. At first they’re all business, preparing for the assassination and questioning each … Continue reading Period film: Allied (2016)

Favorite things about… Midnight in Paris

The favorite film: Midnight in Paris (2011), a time-hopping romantic comedy directed and written by Woody Allen The synopsis: Gil, a Hollywood screenwriter working on a novel, and his fiance Inez have decided to tag along on her parents’ business trip and spend a little vacation in Paris. Inez doesn’t exactly buy into Gil’s romantic perspective of the city, or his infatuation with Paris in … Continue reading Favorite things about… Midnight in Paris