ABBA: The Movie (1971)

Long before Mamma Mia and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again hit the big screen (and entered my constant-rewatch rotation), there was another ABBA film, appropriately titled… ABBA: The Movie. Where the modern musical tales have plots full of complicated personal relationships, family secrets, and romance, ABBA: The Movie doesn’t have much of a plot at all. The musical performances are thinly connected by an … Continue reading ABBA: The Movie (1971)

Wonder Man (1945)

Buzzy Bellew (Danny Kaye) is a nightclub entertainer… and a part of the criminal underworld. His life has been pretty busy, of late. He’s preparing to testify against a mobster named Ten Grand Jackson (Steve Cochran), and preparing to wed his girlfriend/fellow singer, Midge Mallon (Vera-Ellen). Of course, with his plans to testify, he’s become an enemy of Jackson, who swiftly decides to have him … Continue reading Wonder Man (1945)

The Glass Slipper (1955)

Ella (Leslie Caron) is a lonely young woman. She isn’t technically alone, living with her stepmother (Elsa Lanchester) and stepsisters (Amanda Blake and Lisa Daniels), but she may as well live in isolation. Treated as a servant by the family, she has no friends in town, either. Ella has one little ray of hope, however. A few years before Ella was born, her mother was … Continue reading The Glass Slipper (1955)

That Night in Rio (1941)

Larry Martin (Don Ameche) is an American in Rio, an entertainer performing at a casino with his girlfriend Carmen (Carmen Miranda). Part of Larry’s show involves a skit poking fun at well-known womanizer Baron Manuel Duarte (also played by Ameche). When the Baron and his wife Cecilia (Alice Faye) attend the show, they’re surprised to find just how realistic the act is. When the Baron … Continue reading That Night in Rio (1941)

Broadway Babies (1929)

In a boarding house specifically serving the budding stars of the stage, showgirl Dee (Alice White) lives with two of her best friends. Also rooming there is Billy (Charles Delaney), Dee’s newly-minted fiance. Dee and Billy seem to have a happy future ahead. He runs the show she’s in, and both are sure they’re set for success, on the stage and in their future marriage. But … Continue reading Broadway Babies (1929)

Born Reckless (1959)

Jackie Adams (Mamie Van Doren) is a singer and rodeo trick rider, spending her night performing a few songs at a local bar. When she gets off stage, she’s followed rather aggressively by a sports writer who is trying to get a little too friendly. Fellow rodeo rider Kelly Cobb (Jeff Richards) hears Jackie’s screams and fights off the writer. As Kelly drives off with … Continue reading Born Reckless (1959)

Second Looks: Hollywood Canteen (1944)

Hollywood Canteen is a famously star-packed variety show with appearances by Jack Benny, the Andrews Sisters, Joe E. Brown, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, John Garfield, Paul Henreid, Ida Lupino, and more! When it isn’t busy offering up its plethora of star cameos, the film follows Slim Green (Robert Hutton) and his pal Sgt. Nolan (Dane Clark). The fellas are on leave for three nights, and … Continue reading Second Looks: Hollywood Canteen (1944)

Favorite things about… Les Girls (1957)

The favorite film: Les Girls, a Cole Porter musical directed by George Cukor for MGM The synopsis: Sybil Wren, a famous dancer known to the public as “Lady Wren,” is sued for libel by Angele DuCros. Angele, Sybil, and their fellow dancer Joy find themselves at odds over which version of the truth is the honest-to-goodness truth, after Sybil publishes a memoir of her time … Continue reading Favorite things about… Les Girls (1957)

Tea for Two (1950)

Nanette Carter (Doris Day) made it through the stock market crash relatively unscathed… or so it seems. Her uncle, J. Maxwell “Max” Bloomhaus (S. Z. Sakall), is tasked with guarding her fortune and making investments for her. She thinks he’s done a great job of it, but in reality, he made poor investments, and all of the money was lost in the crash. Unaware that … Continue reading Tea for Two (1950)