The Critical Eye: Primrose Path (1940)

Welcome to the first installment of The Critical Eye, TMP’s non-chronological continuation of the “One Year, One Film” project! These posts will follow the very same format as those bi-weekly “One Year” posts — a brief plot synopsis and review from me, followed by snippets from reviews published around the time of the film’s original release. Today we begin with a Ginger Rogers drama… Primrose … Continue reading The Critical Eye: Primrose Path (1940)

Primrose Path (1940)

Ellie May Adams (Ginger Rogers) has had a rough life. Her father (Miles Mander) is a Greek scholar but is unemployable because of his dependence on alcohol. Her mother (Marjorie Rambeau)  and grandmother (Queenie Vassar) work in “the world’s oldest profession,” supporting the family by going out with rich men. Ellie May is determined not to follow in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother. … Continue reading Primrose Path (1940)