Announcing the Gish Sisters Blogathon!

Lillian and Dorothy Gish made their film debut on September 9, 1912, portraying sisters in D.W. Griffith’s An Unseen Enemy. With this year marking the 101st anniversary of that debut, Fritzi of Movies, Silently decided that she wanted to bring the classic film blogging community together to share our appreciation for the Gish sisters — and so the Gish Sisters Blogathon was born!

Lillian and Dorothy Gish for Orphans of the Storm, via Doctor Macro
Lillian and Dorothy Gish for Orphans of the Storm, via Doctor Macro

Since Fritzi’s blog is focused on silent film and she would like to see all eras of the Gish sisters’ careers receive coverage, she has kindly invited me and my mid-century focused blog to co-host this wonderful event. Though they’re most well-known for their work in silents, the Gish sisters both went on to have incredible careers as the film industry changed and sound was introduced. Dorothy continued acting until 1963, and Lillian until 1987!

Dorothy and Lillian arrive in Paris in 1935, via A Certain Cinema
Dorothy and Lillian arrive in Paris in 1935, via A Certain Cinema

September 7 – 9, we will be celebrating the careers of both of these phenomenal actresses — and we’re inviting all of you to join us in that celebration!

Guidelines for participation:

  • All bloggers are welcome to contribute!
  • No movie is “taken” — you can write about any film you want, even if someone else has already chosen it! (Check out Lillian’s filmography and Dorothy’s filmography if you need some inspiration.)
  • No post type is off limits: articles, reviews, biographies, pictorials… anything you feel like sharing, as long as it’s about one or both of the Gish sisters!

How to join:

Leave a comment on either of our blogs, tweet us as @MoviesSilently or @TMPLindsey, or email us with the idea for your contribution! Then, grab one of these lovely banners that Fritzi made for the blogathon:

blogathon-banner blogathon-square gs1 gs2

(You can find Fritzi’s blogathon announcement, with additional banners/varied sizes, here.)


CinemalacrumThe Night of the Hunter

Cinematic CatharsisBroken Blossoms

Crítica RetrôOrphans of the Storm

Donald Mania – A video tribute to the sisters and an article on Lillian’s influence on cinema.

Don’t Upset Granny Gish – A review of His Double Life + an article on becoming a Gish fan

Falderal – Lillian Gish’s relationship with fellow screen star Mary Pickford + review of The White Sister

The Film Writer – Profiles of each sister and a video tribute

Films Worth Watching True Heart Susie and The Battle of Elderbrush Gulch

Girls Do Film – A review of Romola

The Great Katharine HepburnRemodeling Her Husband

The Joy and Agony of MoviesIntolerance

The Last Drive In – Lillian on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, “The Body in the Barn”

MIB’s Instant HeadacheThe Birth of a Nation blu-ray review

Motion Picture Gems – ? (Topic TBD)

The Motion PicturesThe Cardinal, Sweet Liberty

Movie Classics – A review of The Scarlet Letter

The Movie Rat – An article on the Lillian and Dorothy’s film careers

Movies, SilentlyThe Unseen Enemy, Orphans of the Storm and Gretchen the Greenhorn

The Nitrate DivaWay Down East and/or Hearts of the World

Nitrate GlowBroken Blossoms review + poetry inspired by the film

Once Upon a ScreenThe Musketeers of Pig Alley & a pictorial

Outspoken and FreckledThe Night of the Hunter

portraitsbyjenni – A post on The Scarlet Letter and the story of how a university theater came to be named after Lillian

The Pneumatic Rolling-Sphere Carrier Delusion – A collection of newspaper clippings on both sisters

Silent Volume – Reviews of La Boheme, Mothering Heart, Birth of a Nation, Intolerance and DJ Spooky’s Rebirth of a Nation recut

Silver ScreeningsPortrait of Jennie

The Soul of the PlotDuel in the Sun

Strictly Vintage HollywoodNell Gwyn

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used ToThe Whales of August

Thrilling Days of YesteryearThe Wind

True Classics – Review of La Boheme

26 thoughts on “Announcing the Gish Sisters Blogathon!

  1. I did a project on Lillian Gish when I was in college for a classic films class. That being said, the only thing I remember from it is The Night of the Hunter. I’ll think about entering and get back to you Lindsey!


    1. This is the perfect opportunity for you to rediscover some of her work, then, or to discover something completely new! I look forward to seeing what you come up with if you do participate. There’s plenty of time for topic selection/preparation, so just let me know if you decide on something and I’ll add you to the list. :)


  2. I would love to join in this celebration of the Gish sisters! I’m thinking of writing about either Way Down East or Hearts of the World (or both!). Let me know if that’s okay. Fabulous idea and I look forward to it.


  3. Hello! I would like to join but I am not sure if such an article would be ok for your blogathon. I was wondering if I could write about Mary Pickford and her relationship with Lillian Gish. While doing research about Pickford, I found tidbits about Gish in relation to Pickford that I found to be intriguing. I never knew what to do with the information that I found and while it’s small, your blogathon gave me an idea for a blog post. Since the blog post might end up being more focused on Pickford than Gish, I understand if you decline.


      1. Hey Lindsey,
        In addition to the article about Pickford and Gish, I’m planning on writing about The White Sister. I’ll post the article on Pickford/Gish on the 7th and the article on The White Sister the following day. Hope that this addition is ok with you!


  4. I’m a lifelong fan of both sisters but in the middle of a draft. No way I’d be able to write anything, but I’d be happy to tweet about this and get the word out for you. I’d also love to read what is written by others. Is there a link you’d like me to post?


    1. Thanks so much for offering to help us promote it! You can just link to either this post or Fritzi’s announcement post. Once the blogathon gets going there’ll be a new post with updated links to the contributions themselves. :) What’s your twitter handle? I’ll be sure to follow you if I’m not already!


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