Death on the Diamond (1934)

Spring training is an exciting time in major league baseball, and it’s about to get even more exciting for young pitcher Larry Kelly (Robert Young). Manager/owner Pop Clark (David Landau) has decided to bring Larry onto his team, the St. Louis Cardinals. Pop needs a good player to bring the team a winning edge. He confesses to his daughter, team secretary Frances (Madge Evans), that … Continue reading Death on the Diamond (1934)

Kid Nightingale (1939)

Skip Davis (Walter Catlett) is a boxing manager hoping to discover the “next big thing” in the sport. When he happens upon the scene of singing waiter Steve Nelson (John Payne) engaging in hand-to-hand combat with a few hecklers, Skip thinks he may have found his star. Steve isn’t too interested in making his name with his fists, though, instead hoping to win fans as a … Continue reading Kid Nightingale (1939)