Dark Journey (1937)

Madeleine Goddard (Vivien Leigh) has just returned to Stockholm from Paris, where she made a trip just to buy dresses. It is 1918, spring — the perfect time to refresh the stock in Madeleine’s clothing shop. But Madeleine hasn’t bought the dresses for her own business. She’s actually a spy, and hidden within the gowns are notes on Allied troop movements, sewn into the patterns. … Continue reading Dark Journey (1937)

Apartment for Peggy (1948)

Henry Barnes (Edmund Gwenn) is working on his last book. A widower, retired from his job as a university professor for several years, Henry feels that he’s accomplished all he can. He tells close friend and fellow professor Edward Bell (Gene Lockhart) that he is planning to commit suicide once his book is finished. Edward tries to convince Henry that there are plenty of reasons … Continue reading Apartment for Peggy (1948)

Lured (1947)

Lucy Barnard (Tanis Chandler) and Sandra Carpenter (Lucille Ball) are toe-tapping ladies making their living in a dance hall. The two are close friends, and when they’re both offered auditions for a new gig, Sandra couldn’t be more excited. A Fleming and Wilde show! And the opportunity to dance alongside her best friend — without the smarmy male customers of the dance hall! What could be … Continue reading Lured (1947)

The Tall Target (1951)

The year is 1861. President Lincoln has recently been elected and will soon be inaugurated. John Kennedy (Dick Powell) is a New York police officer. With the country in turmoil following the election, Kennedy is convinced that Lincoln will face an assassination attempt on his way to Baltimore for a pre-inauguration speaking engagement. Kennedy unveils his suspicions to his supervisor, but the supervisor doesn’t believe there’s … Continue reading The Tall Target (1951)

The Window (1949)

Tommy Woodry (Bobby Driscoll) is a trouble-making tween with a reputation for lying. His latest prank involves his whole family: when Tommy says they’re moving from Manhattan to a Texas ranch, the landlords begin showing their apartment, expecting them to move out any day. The Woodrys are fed up with Tommy’s behavior. He frequently tells them tall tales, some of which amuse them, but his … Continue reading The Window (1949)

Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack: ‘It Started with Eve’ (1941)

Note: Today, in a post long-overdue, we continue our exploration of the Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack with a review of 1941’s It Started with Eve. Previous reviews from this DVD set include Three Smart Girls, Something in the Wind and First Love. Stay tuned for reviews of the final two films in the set, Can’t Help Singing and Lady on a Train! The editor of … Continue reading Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack: ‘It Started with Eve’ (1941)

Orphée (aka Orpheus) (1949)

Orphée, directed by Jean Cocteau, tells the story of a self-centered and commercially successful French poet of the same name (Jean Marais). When we meet him, he’s hanging out at a poet’s cafe in Paris, which is packed with artists. He meets “the Princess” (Maria Casares), a woman who has started her own artistic movement of sorts by publishing a “nudism” journal — a journal in … Continue reading Orphée (aka Orpheus) (1949)