Favorite things about… Foreign Correspondent (1940)

The favorite film: Foreign Correspondent, a 1940 thriller directed by none other than the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock The synopsis: When John Jones is chosen by his editor Mr. Powers to become a foreign correspondent, his first assignment is to cover an event held by Stephen Fisher to honor a Dutch diplomat, Van Meer. … More Favorite things about… Foreign Correspondent (1940)

Until They Sail (1957)

“Eat, drink, and make love, for tomorrow, we die.” -Capt. Jack Harding Barbara (Jean Simmons), Delia (Piper Laurie), Anne (Joan Fontaine), and Evelyn Leslie (Sandra Dee) are sisters living in Christchurch, New Zealand. The town is preparing for war, and just about every man — including their brother Kit, and newlywed Barbara’s husband Frank — … More Until They Sail (1957)

Edge of Darkness (1943)

Karen (Ann Sheridan), the daughter of a prominent local doctor (Walter Huston), has joined the resistance against Nazi occupation of her small Norwegian town. She’s also in a relationship with Gunnar Brogge (Errol Flynn), the local leader of the resistance. Unlike Karen, her parents want to remain neutral and try to live life as normally … More Edge of Darkness (1943)

Bombardier (1943)

Major Chick Davis (Pat O’Brien) and Captain Buck Oliver (Randolph Scott) of the United States Army Air Force are stuck in a very important argument just prior to the States’ entry into World War II. They disagree on the method that should be used for bombing. Buck is a pilot and thinks that dive bombing … More Bombardier (1943)