June 2013 in film + DVD collection update!

It’s the first of the month, which on TMP means it’s time to reflect on the past 30 days or so in movie-watching. I’m happy to report that my summer class has ended and that I got an A! Now I’ve got a bit of free time before my final semester of undergrad begins, and I’ve got more time to dedicate to the blog. I plan to dedicate a hefty but not excessive portion of July and August to plenty of movie-watching and historical research. The second half of August will be dedicated to the great outdoors… but I’ll discuss that more in next month’s wrap up.

On to the stats!

“New to me” viewings: 23

Re-watches: 2

Total for June 2013: 25

Total in 2013 thus far: 224

Compared to this month last year, June 2013 was a tiny month. June 2012 was my biggest movie month ever. I watched a whopping 92 films in that month. That’s a completely ridiculous number and to be honest I’m kind of glad I haven’t had another month that huge.

June 2013 marks only the second time in TMP’s history that I’ve watched fewer than 30 films in a month — and the second month in a row.

Here’s the “new to me” list for June (and as always, the full year’s list can be viewed at Listography):

I made quite a few great discoveries this month, some of which I was so excited about that I bumped up the reviews to be posted immediately instead of slapping them onto the end of the blog schedule as I usually do. My top three for the month are The Desperate Hours, Three Ages and (of course) Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

(Image: Etsy)
(Image: Etsy)

Tally by decade:

  • 1920s – 1
  • 1930s – 4
  • 1940s – 4
  • 1950s – 5
  • 1960s – 4
  • 1970s – 0
  • 1980s – 2
  • 1990s – 2
  • 2000s – 2
  • 2010s – 1

(18 pre-’70, 7 post-’70)

Viewing methods:

  • Amazon Instant Video – 2
  • From the family pool – 1
  • From my collection – 5
  • In theaters – 1
  • Netflix Instant – 10
  • On the DVR – 5
  • YouTube – 1

DVD collection update:

My willpower from May sort of lasted through the month of June. I received three DVDs as gifts: Bernie (2011), The Desperate Hours (1955) and The Big Cube (1969). The kind souls (aka my mom and sister) who purchased these DVDs for me as early birthday gifts helped me keep my DVD spending pretty low in June. Here’s what I picked up:

I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1 + 2 – $9.00 each at Target – I will be starting a Recap & React series on this show since I’m able to watch it in order now!

The Addams Family (1991) – Only $5 at Target! – I will be doing a Childhood Favorites Revisted post on this… at some point.

And that’s it! $23 is more than I hoped to spend this month on DVDs, but it’s not as much as I could have spent considering the size of my wishlist (which is about 30 miles long by modest estimation).

12 thoughts on “June 2013 in film + DVD collection update!

  1. I watch approximately eight to ten movies a week, but I’ve never seen Killer Klowns from Outer Space (as many times as I used to see a copy on the Blockbuster shelf). If you say it’s good, I’m going to have to check it out…


    1. I reviewed it for my Classics of the Corn series, so if you’re not into “so bad it’s good” movies you should avoid it. If you do like cheesy horror, though, you’re pretty much guaranteed to enjoy that one!


  2. I see ‘My Name is Julia Ross’ on the list up there…cool that you were able to watch it! Will that be reviewed any time soon? Or is it waaaaay at the end of the line?

    And I received my twelve DVDs from Amazon in the mail this weekend, which included five TCM Classics 4-packs (Cary Grant alert!), Twelve O’Clock High, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, two Woody Allen films from the 70s, Ministry of Fear, and two others that will forever remain mysteries. And yes, I made room on my DVD tower for them!


    1. It won’t be reviewed this month because I have three blogathons and a bunch of other stuff going on. Hoping to have the review up in the first week of August. I’m glad I was able to catch it!

      Which Woody Allen films? I’m such a huge fan of him. Annie Hall will be in my July collection update. My mom found a copy of it at the grocery for $5!


      1. I already own my two top favorites, ‘Zelig’ and ‘The Purple Rose of Cairo’, but the two I just picked up (also favorites) were ‘Sleeper’ and ‘Play It Again, Sam’. Next on my list would be ‘Stardust Memories’, if I do indeed break my promise not to buy more DVDs!

        Do you have a favorite or two of his? And yes, if I saw ‘Annie Hall’ at Safeway for five bucks, I’d grab it, too!


        1. It’s so hard to choose favorites. I genuinely love every film I’ve seen of his (and I’ve seen most of them). Recent obsessions have been Scoop (which gets an unreasonable amount of hate for some reason), Midnight in Paris, Purple Rose, Sleeper and Manhattan — but it changes as I re-watch them.


          1. Wait, I forgot one…I’d read where ‘Match Point’ was one of Woody Allen’s favorites from his own canon, so I picked it up for $3 a few months back. I haven’t watched it yet, though.

            And yes, ‘Midnight in Paris’…own it and love it!


            1. I haven’t seen Match Point in years! I need to give that one a re-watch soon.

              I don’t have too many of his movies in my collection. I usually rent them from the library because I’m forever hoping I’ll be able to afford the three-volume ‘The Woody Allen Collection’ set someday. Amazon taunted me a few months ago by putting it as the 50% off daily deal… the day before pay day. By the time I could afford the clearance price, it was back to full price haha.


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