It’s been a while since I’ve done a Netflix Instant Pick, but since Netflix’s selection seems to be changing more rapidly than it used to, I wanted to get a quick post up on today’s film sooner rather than later.

Barefoot in the Park stars Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, with classic-era talents Charles Boyer and Mildred Natwick appearing in supporting roles. Gene Saks directs a screenplay written by Neil Simon from his own play.

2Fonda and Redford star as Paul and Corrie, a young, newlywed couple. Paul is a conservative lawyer and Corrie is a highly energetic and cheerful young woman. They’re a bit of an odd match on paper, but they have a loving and passionate relationship despite their differences.

After honeymooning in a swanky hotel, Paul and Corrie move into their first place as a married couple: a five-flight walk-up in New York City. Corrie loves the place even though it’s a bit of a fixer-upper, but Paul is less certain that it’s right for them. Mishaps and misunderstandings ensue as the young couple adjusts to their new living situation.

18The film begins with a wonderful opening song, followed by fantastic banter between Fonda and Redford that sets the tone for the entire film. Fonda’s character of Corrie in particular is hilarious. She’s very high-strung and witty.

Though the Paul and Corrie relationship is definitely an example of opposites attracting, the two actors have great chemistry, making it easier for the viewer to understand them as a couple. Both actors give top-notch performances.

Though I love a lot of things about this movie, the highlights for me were definitely Charles Boyer and Mildred Natwick. They provide strong support for the leading couple and are a delight to watch.

22There’s a lot of comedy to be enjoyed in Barefoot in the Park, but there’s some drama to be had as well. The film, despite the kookiness of its central relationship, is rooted in realism. Many of the problems encountered by Paul and Corrie are struggles that any young newlywed couple would encounter. The film doesn’t edge into melodrama or over-exaggeration of their day-to-day obstacles. That being said, not all of their problems are quite typical. They encounter a few odd characters and unusual situations as they navigate the early stages of their marriage.

Though somewhat slowly paced at times, Barefoot in the Park is a great film. I would recommend it for fans of any of the actors involved, or simply for fans of the “dramedy” genre. Watch this film:
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Amazon Instant Video (for those of you who don’t have Netflix! – $2.99)