Book to Film Adaptation Tag (Video)

Watch me talk about adapted films while beautiful ragtime music plays in the background in today’s post, which marks the first vlog addition to TMP. This is only the second video I’ve ever made, the first I’ve published publicly, and I’m still feeling a little awkward about sharing my face with the world in addition to my words, so please be kind!

14 thoughts on “Book to Film Adaptation Tag (Video)

  1. Hey Lindsey! I just watched the video….VERY cool! And now I can put a face to the name! Looking forward to the next one! And if I missed the post with the answer to this question, I apologize: Do people send you the questions you use in the video, or are they thought up by you?


    1. Glad you enjoyed the video!

      I usually just see these questionnaires floating around the book-centric Youtube channels/blogs that I subscribe to and appropriate them, haha. That was the case with this one. You’re typically supposed to wait for someone to “tag” you to do it, and then you’re supposed to tag other people, but I’m willing to break those rules. Sometimes I’ll see a book-centric questionnaire on another blog and adapt it to be about film, too, like the “movie burger” I did a while ago.


          1. That would be a good background for your ‘What’s In My DVD Collection’ video, I think! I can’t remember if you own ‘Invasion of the Star Creatures’, but if you do, that should be prominently displayed. If you don’t own it, feel free to borrow mine.


            1. Nope, I watched it on Netflix. How unfortunate that I won’t be able to show it off in the background of all of my videos!

              I actually already filmed the January DVD collection update in front of the posters, but I will likely film them in front of the shelves from now on. I’m also thinking of doing a series of DVD collection/organization overview videos, since my collection has grown so much since I did the original photo posts last year.


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