Quick announcement re: TMP Recommends

Hello everyone!

I’ve decided to take the day off from blogging today because I had not yet created the weekly TMP Recommends post and simply do not have the time to do so. I have a huge essay to write by Sunday and today is also my sister’s birthday! Naturally, I’m choosing to use my “break time” from paper-writing today to go to dinner with my sister instead of perusing the TCM schedule, haha.

That brings me to the announcement: I’ve decided to put “TMP Recommends” on hold for the foreseeable future. It’s just five paragraphs, which in theory shouldn’t take much time to create each week, but between browsing the schedule, writing the dang things and searching for photos, it adds up. Grad school has been insane this semester. As busy as the grad school you fear based on the stereotype of sleepless, coffee-fueled zombie folk who barely make it out alive, collapsing on stage at the graduation ceremony, haha. I hope to bring back TMP Recommends eventually, but until then, Tuesdays (excepting today) will be filled by the beautiful backlog of review drafts that has allowed me to keep TMP runnin’ daily for the past four years.

Hope you all are having a great week and I’ll be back tomorrow with our regularly-scheduled programming, a classic film review!

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