TMP Recommends: DVR and Streaming Classics (No. 4)

Welcome to TMP Recommends, the bi-weekly series in which I share two recommendations from the TCM schedule and two films available through streaming services. This time around we’ve got a Stanwyck classic, a couple of romances, and one of my favorite Westerns. On to the recommendations!

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)
(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Our Town (1940) – Airing on TCM at 11:00 pm on June 1
A sentimental drama about two families in a small town, drawn together by the marriage of young’n’s George (William Holden) and Emily (Martha Scott). Lovely performances and a story with a whole lot of heart make this one worth tuning in for.

(Image via Vivian Talks Ginger Rogers)
(Image via Vivian Talks Ginger Rogers)

Rafter Romance (1933) – Airing on TCM at 6:15 am on June 7
A little bit predictable but more than a little bit enjoyable, Rafter Romance tells the tale of a woman (Ginger Rogers) forced to share her apartment with a man (Norman Foster) in order to meet the rent payment. They live in shifts, him sleeping by day and working at night, and her doing the opposite. Complications ensue, but in a very delightful fashion.

(Image via Crisis Magazine)
(Image via Crisis Magazine)

Meet John Doe – Available on Amazon Video, $2.00 rental
One of several collaborations between actress Barbara Stanwyck and director Frank Capra, this film tells the story of a reporter who forges a letter from an anonymous man, only for it to become a hit with readers. She must find a man to pretend to be the letter-writer, as a “John Doe” movement sweeps the nation. The man is played by Gary Cooper. With so many talented people involved in this flick, it was destined to be a great one… and it is!

(Image via
(Image via

The Gunfighter – Available on Amazon Video, free with Prime or $3.99 to rent in HD
As promised in the introduction to this post, one of my favorite Westerns — The Gunfighter starring Gregory Peck. I’ve mentioned this film several times on the blog. Whether you love the genre or not, it is a fantastic film well worth your time and your four-buck rental fee.

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