May 2016 in Film

New-to-me viewings: 14

Re-watches: 4


TOTAL FOR 2016, SO FAR: 110

The new-to-me list:

  • The Major and the Minor (1942)
  • Walk the Dark Street (1956)
  • Blonde from Brooklyn (1945)
  • Made in Paris (1966)
  • A Foreign Affair (1948)
  • Music in My Heart (1940)
  • We Were Strangers (1949)
  • Angels Over Broadway (1940)
  • Slightly Dangerous (1943)
  • Another Face (1935)
  • No Time for Comedy (1940)
  • A Woman’s Secret (1949)
  • Down to Their Last Yacht (1934)
  • Bombardier (1943)

Viewing methods:

  • Amazon Instant Video – 3
  • DVR: TCM – 1
  • From my collection – 3
  • Hulu – 1
  • Warner Archive Instant – 1
  • WatchTCM – 9

By decade:

  • 1910s – 0
  • 1920s – 0
  • 1930s – 3
  • 1940s – 10
  • 1950s – 1
  • 1960s – 1
  • 1970s – 0
  • 1980s – 0
  • 1990s – 0
  • 2000s – 2
  • 2010s – 1

The month in blogging:

May saw mostly standard film reviews here on TMP, but a few regular features got updates. “Favorite Things About…” covered the Cary Grant/Myrna Loy/Shirley Temple comedy The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.

Classic Stars on the Small Screen paid another visit to I Love Lucy with “The Ballet,” an episode featuring the character talents of Mary Wickes and Frank J. Scannell.

The “One Year, One Film” series continued with Gidget (1959) and Bells Are Ringing (1960).

On the bookish side of the blog, I posted a review of Five Came Back by Mark Harris and shared my “to be read” list for the 2016 Summer Reading Classic Film Book Challenge.

Finally, I shared ten classic film-related sites I’d love to visit, including James Dean’s hometown and Lon Chaney’s remote California cabin.

Small announcement:

Beginning this month, TMP will be shifting to a five posts per week schedule. There will be no new posts on Tuesdays or Saturdays. I had set a goal of continuing with the daily schedule until January 2017 so I could say TMP had been a daily blog for exactly five years, but four and a half years is a pretty good stretch. With my viewing numbers being so low these past few months, it has been difficult to keep up with the daily schedule, and I don’t see that improving with upcoming travel plans/finishing my certificate program in the fall/everything else I’ve got going on outside of the blog. Five posts per week will allow me to continue covering a plethora of wonderful films, with a little less pressure to spend every free second writing!

I hope you all had a wonderful month!

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