Mill Creek Musings: The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954)

American journalist Charles Wills (Van Johnson) works for the Stars and Stripes newspaper. He’s in Paris, covering a story about the VE day celebration marking the end of the second World War. Outside of a local cafe owned by his friend Maurice, he meets Helen Elliswirth (Elizabeth Taylor), a beautiful American woman who has spent … More Mill Creek Musings: The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954)

Devil (2010)

Devil, released in 2010, is not a film that I was planning on reviewing in full. I put it on one afternoon simply because I’m on a mission to see all of Chris Messina’s films. I had a couple of hours to kill and wasn’t in the mood to do a serious/critical watch. And this … More Devil (2010)

For the Defense (1930)

William Foster (William Powell) is a successful defense attorney. He’s in love with actress Irene Meyers (Kay Francis) but won’t marry her, because he doesn’t want to marry at all. In order to provoke jealousy from Foster, Irene begins spending time with Defoe (Scott Kolk), a society man. While driving with Defoe one night, she … More For the Defense (1930)