Broadway Babies (1929)

In a boarding house specifically serving the budding stars of the stage, showgirl Dee (Alice White) lives with two of her best friends. Also rooming there is Billy (Charles Delaney), Dee’s newly-minted fiance. Dee and Billy seem to have a happy future ahead. He runs the show she’s in, and both are sure they’re set for success, on the stage and in their future marriage. But … Continue reading Broadway Babies (1929)

The Locked Door (1929)

Today’s review was written for TMP’s Barbara Stanwyck Filmography Project, my quest to watch every film Barbara Stanwyck made. For more reviews, visit the Stanwyck Project index! Frank Devereaux (Rod LaRocque) has invited his father’s secretary Ann (Barbara Stanwyck) out for a date. Much to Ann’s surprise, Frank takes her to a “rum boat” — a ship sailing just far enough out to avoid the … Continue reading The Locked Door (1929)

Coquette (1929)

Norma Besant (Mary Pickford) is part southern bell, part flapper. The daughter of a doctor, she’s a popular, flirtatious young woman with many suitors after her affection. Dr. Besant (John St. Polis) wants Norma to end up with Stanley (Matt Moore), but she’s taken a liking to Michael Jeffrey (Johnny Mack Brown), of whom Dr. Besant doesn’t approve. Despite her father’s misgivings, Norma and Michael … Continue reading Coquette (1929)

Dr. Jack (1922)

The Sick-Little-Well-Girl (Mildred Davis) has been treated by Dr. Louis von Saulsbourg (Eric Mayne) for many years. He’s really struck it rich by treating her — constant new diagnoses, and stays at his expensive sanitarium. Dr. Jackson — also known as simply “Dr. Jack” (Harold Lloyd) — has methods just the opposite of von Saulsbourg. Rather than recommending expensive treatments or medications, he’s a common … Continue reading Dr. Jack (1922)

The Garbo Silents Collection: Flesh and the Devil (1927)

Leo von Harden (John Gilbert) and Ulrich von Eltz (Lars Hanson) are long-time pals, having grown up together and served together in the military, sharing a bunk in the barracks. As kids, they made a blood pact to ensure their undying bond. They’re such good pals they’ve even got their own “Isle of Friendship,” an island they used to row to as children, where they … Continue reading The Garbo Silents Collection: Flesh and the Devil (1927)

A Lady of Chance (1928)

Hotel switchboard operator Dolly (Norma Shearer) is better known by her con-artist nickname: “Angel Face.” Her gig is blackmail. She lures men to her apartment, where she stages the scene for her “husband” (really just a man who splits the profits with her) to walk in on them and demand hush money. The latest conquest has gone awry, her fake husband deciding to keep all of … Continue reading A Lady of Chance (1928)