The Beast of the City (1932)

“Instead of the glorification of cowardly gangsters, we need the glorification of policemen who do their duty and give their lives in public protection. If the police had the vigilant, universal backing of public opinion in their communities, if they had the implacable support of the prosecuting authorities and the courts — I am convinced that our police would stamp out the excessive crime — … Continue reading The Beast of the City (1932)

The Wet Parade (1932)

The year is 1916, and the Chilcote family is struggling. Roger (Lewis Stone), the patriarch of the Chilcote clan, is suffering greatly after years of drinking heavily. Maggie May (Dorothy Jordan), Roger’s daughter, is worried about her father and wishes that she could convince him to stop drinking, but she has little hope that he would succeed. Roger does manage to stay sober for a … Continue reading The Wet Parade (1932)

Mill Creek Musings: Midnight Warning (1932)

Three young people check into a luxurious hotel: two men and a woman. One of the young men is the woman’s brother, the other is her significant other. Soon after, the brother goes missing… and no one admits to ever having seen him, much less knowing where he is now. Meanwhile, Detective Cornish is visiting his friend Dr. Walcott at the same hotel. Walcott found … Continue reading Mill Creek Musings: Midnight Warning (1932)

I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang (1932)

James Allen (Paul Muni) has just returned home from fighting in the first World War. Not wanting to settle into a dull, monotonous life, he decides to travel, working odd jobs in construction. He has no desire to work in a factory like he did before the war, and he hopes that his experience as a military engineer will bring him riches in the construction … Continue reading I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang (1932)

Two Against the World (1932)

Adell Hamilton (Constance Bennett), the youngest daughter of the Hamilton family, finds herself attracted to a lawyer named David Norton (Neil Hamilton). But their romance is no walk in the park. David is eventually assigned as the prosecutor in a murder case of which Adell has become a suspect, though her siblings were actually the ones involved in it. Will Adell risk losing her love … Continue reading Two Against the World (1932)

Union Depot (1932)

Alfred E. Green’s Union Depot (1932) starts off by setting up the frantic pace of – what else? – a busy metropolitan train station. Moving around the depot, the film shows a wide range of people saying goodbye to loved ones, boarding trains or playing the waiting game before their trains arrive. Now that the somewhat chaotic environment of the Union Depot has been established, … Continue reading Union Depot (1932)

Love Me Tonight (1932)

Love Me Tonight (1932): 5/5! (Very, very mild spoilers included) I love everything about this musical starring Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald. The film follows Maurice (portrayed by Chevalier, obviously), a Paris tailor who is mistaken as royalty and ends up posing as a baron. He ends up encountering a gaggle of crazy blue-bloods along the way, including Countess Valentine (the always amazing Myrna Loy) … Continue reading Love Me Tonight (1932)