Favorite things about… Top Hat (1935)

Back by popular demand, it’s Favorite Things Friday here on TMP! The first Friday of each month, I’ll share my favorite things about one of my favorite films. For July, we celebrate a joyful musical-comedy full of miscommunication… The favorite film: Top Hat, a 1935 musical directed by Mark Sandrich The synopsis: An American dancer meets a dressmaker’s model in a hotel and falls in … Continue reading Favorite things about… Top Hat (1935)

One year, one film: 1935 – Mad Love

One year, one film: 1935 The film: Mad Love, dir. Karl Freund starring Peter Lorre, Frances Drake, Colin Clive Rating: Recommended | HIGHLY RECOMMENDED | Must-See Peter Lorre stars in Mad Love as Doctor Gogol, a famed surgeon who has become obsessed with actress Yvonne Orlac (Frances Drake). He watches her perform every night. Doctor Gogol is heartbroken when he discovers that Yvonne is already married, to … Continue reading One year, one film: 1935 – Mad Love

Her Uncle Sam (aka Red Salute) (1935)

This film was viewed for the Barbara Stanwyck Filmography Project. Stanwyck’s earlier flicks can be somewhat difficult to find, and Her Uncle Sam, also known as Red Salute, Runaway Daughter or Her Enlisted Man, is one of them. Since the film has fallen into the public domain, the Internet Archive has it available (for streaming or download), but it’s an incomplete copy. It’s unfair to judge a film … Continue reading Her Uncle Sam (aka Red Salute) (1935)

The Woman in Red (1935)

Rising polo star Shelby Barret (Barbara Stanwyck) is employed to ride show horses by Nicko (Genevieve Tobin), a very rich widow. Also employed by Nicko is a handsome man from what was once a very wealthy family, Johnny Wyatt (Gene Raymond). Nicko and Gene Fairchild (John Eldredge) try to stop Shelby and Johnny from getting together, because Gene is in love with Shelby and Nicko … Continue reading The Woman in Red (1935)

Paddy O’Day (1935)

Paddy O’Day (Jane Withers) is a young girl traveling from Ireland to America, where her mother is already living. On the boat, she befriends and wins the hearts of just about every passenger and crew member, including Tamara Petrovitch (Rita Hayworth, billed as Rita Cansino). Upon arrival to New York, Paddy is excited to be reunited with her mother and start a brand new life, … Continue reading Paddy O’Day (1935)

Alice Adams (1935)

Alice Adams (1935): 3/5 Alice Adams is an early-ish Katherine Hepburn film. Hepburn herself seems very young and fanciful, despite the fact that she was in her late 20s when it was filmed. Her character, Alice, is a young social climber who hopes to woo a rich bachelor named Russell (Fred MacMurray) by pretending that she’s a born and bred, upper-class, proper lady. The problem … Continue reading Alice Adams (1935)