Classics of the Corn, short film edition: New Shoes (1936)

If the phrase “delightfully weird” could be summed up in a single 10-minute clip, the 1936 MGM musical short New Shoes would certainly be it. Technically, the short follows a young man (Arthur Lake) and woman (Jean Chatburn) as they have a meet cute at a shoe shop, go on a date, fall in love and eventually marry. But the young man and woman are … Continue reading Classics of the Corn, short film edition: New Shoes (1936)

Theodora Goes Wild (1936)

The small, conservative town of Lynnfield has gone wild over local newspaper editor Jed Waterbury’s (Thomas Mitchell) decision to publish a racy, best-selling novel by Caroline Adams in installments. Little do they know, one of Lynnfield’s own is Caroline Adams. Theodora Lynn (Irene Dunne), an active community member and regular church-goer, published the novel under a pen name. Theodora travels to New York, saying that … Continue reading Theodora Goes Wild (1936)

Banjo On My Knee (1936)

Banjo On My Knee (1936): 4/5 Having your wedding on a yacht seems luxurious and expensive, but for Pearl (Barbara Stanwyck) and Ernie Holley (Joel McCrea), their sea-faring wedding was just like any other. The Holleys live in a community of “shanty boat people.” In other words, they’re lower class Southern folks who live on wooden boats. Still, despite the lack of glamour, the Holley … Continue reading Banjo On My Knee (1936)