Vintage publications: About my collection

I never considered myself a collector of anything until the day that I bought my first old magazine. Even my DVD collection was small at the time, since I mostly borrowed from the family pool and didn’t yet have the funds to start building up what has now become a mound of movies that I could probably build a solid fortress out of. It was … Continue reading Vintage publications: About my collection

Cynthia (1947)

Cynthia (Elizabeth Taylor) is a sheltered girl, living under the oppression of overprotective parents (Mary Astor and George Murphy) who think that she is too delicate and ill to live like a “normal” teenager. Cynthia tells her classmates that she has dates so she can seem like the average teenager, when really she’s going to one of her very frequent doctor appointments. But soon, things … Continue reading Cynthia (1947)