On Your Toes (1939)

After spending over fifteen years performing in a vaudeville act called “The Dancing Dolans” with his parents, Junior (Eddie Albert) has decided to strike out on his own and become a composer. He soon meets Ivan Boultonoff (Leonid Kinsky), a composer who takes an immediate liking to him and offers to work with him. Ivan… Read More On Your Toes (1939)

Bombardier (1943)

Major Chick Davis (Pat O’Brien) and Captain Buck Oliver (Randolph Scott) of the United States Army Air Force are stuck in a very important argument just prior to the States’ entry into World War II. They disagree on the method that should be used for bombing. Buck is a pilot and thinks that dive bombing… Read More Bombardier (1943)

Made in Paris (1966)

Maggie Scott (Ann-Margret) is a fashion buyer’s assistant at a prominent New York department store. She’s risen from model to salesgirl to assistant buyer in a matter of only a few years. When the buyer she works for, Irene Chase (Edie Adams), has to miss some Paris fashion shows for her wedding, store owner Mr.… Read More Made in Paris (1966)

Another Face (1935)

“Broken Nose” Dawson (Brian Donlevy) is a big city gangster who has committed his fair share of crimes — perhaps more than his fair share, and now he’s wanted for murder. He’s as notorious for his face as he is for his crimes, with a distinctively large nose from which his nickname stems. Desperate to… Read More Another Face (1935)

We Were Strangers (1949)

Manolo Valdes (Tito Renaldo) is an outspoken opponent of President Machado’s regime in Cuba and is working to bring revolution to his country by passing out literature to spread his message. One day, he and his fellow revolution-wanting students are caught distributing the leaflets and chased by the corrupt police. Manolo manages to evade capture… Read More We Were Strangers (1949)