The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)

Eugene Morgan (Joseph Cotten) is a young and dashing man with a bit of a reputation for being wild. He wants to marry Isabel Amberson (Dolores Costello), a girl from an upper-class family, but she marries Wilbur Minafer instead. Wilbur is a dull man, but suits her social class better than the rambunctious Euguene. Wilbur and Isabel’s only child George (Tim Holt) is a total … Continue reading The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)

Johnny Belinda (1948)

Jane Wyman stars as Belinda, a deaf/mute girl who is constantly belittled and greatly misunderstood by the residents of her small, farm-oriented town in Nova Scotia. Belinda lives with her father and her stern aunt, Aggie (Agnes Moorehead). A new-in-town doctor, Robert Richardson (Lew Ayres), soon enters Belinda’s world. He’s convinced that he can help her overcome her communicative ailments, and begins to train her … Continue reading Johnny Belinda (1948)

Caged! (1950)

Caged! (1950): 4.5/5 Marie Allen (Eleanor Parker) is a 19-year-old widow, jailed as an accessory to an armed robbery committed by her husband, who didn’t make it out of the heist alive. Marie is sent to the local women’s prison, where she encounters a caring warden (Ruth, portrayed by Agnes Moorehead), an evil overseer (Evelyn, portrayed by Hope Emerson) and a number of tough female … Continue reading Caged! (1950)

Those Redheads From Seattle (1953)

Those Redheads From Seattle (1953): 3/5 Those Redheads From Seattle follows a family of – you guessed it! – redheaded women (aside from the youngest, who is blond). The patriarch of the family has moved to Alaska and owns a newspaper, planning to send for them once he settles in and can afford it. After running into some trouble with the locals, he sends a … Continue reading Those Redheads From Seattle (1953)