Modern classics: Real Life (1979)

In the opening of 1979’s Real Life, text informs the viewer of a 1973 PBS documentary series called “An American Family,” which included twelve hours of footage of the daily lives of Bill Louds and his family in Santa Barbara, California. Famed anthropologist Margaret Mead called the series “as significant as the invention of drama or the novel… a new way in which people can … Continue reading Modern classics: Real Life (1979)

Broadcast News (1987)

Jane Craig (Holly Hunter) is a network news producer who takes her work very seriously and is completely dedicated to her job. Her work is frantic and she’s willing to do anything to make sure the stories she produces turn out perfect, even when that means editing up until the very last second. She finds herself attracted to news anchor Tom Grunick (William Hurt) despite … Continue reading Broadcast News (1987)