Housewife (1934)

Nan Reynolds (Ann Dvorak) is a traditional housewife, raising her son and caring for the home while her husband works. Mr. Reynolds, Bill (George Brent), is very unhappy with his job. He gets no respect from the higher-ups, who shoot down every one of his ideas. His salary is pretty small, too, adding to his disappointment. When Bill’s company hires highly-paid Pat Berkeley (Bette Davis) … Continue reading Housewife (1934)

Three on a Match (1932)

Mary Keaton, Vivian Revere and Ruth Wescott are schoolmates with completely different personalities. Mary (Virginia Davis) is the wild child, who everyone expects to amount to nothing. Vivian (Anne Shirley) is voted “Most Popular” at the girls’ 1921 graduation. Ruth (Betty Carse) is the valedictorian with big career goals. Flash forward a few years and not much has changed. Mary (Joan Blondell) is a sassy … Continue reading Three on a Match (1932)