Bedevilled (1955)

Gregory Fitzgerald (Steve Forrest) and Tony Lugacetti (Robert Christopher) are headed from New York to France, where they plan to study in Montmartre and become priests. Tony is seen off at the airport by his large family. Gregory is seen off by his priest, Father Cunningham (Joseph Tomelty). Gregory tells Father Cunningham that he has doubts and fears about his future. On the plane, he meets beautiful … Continue reading Bedevilled (1955)

The Blue Gardenia (1953)

Casey Mayo (Richard Conte) is a columnist working on a story about Los Angeles telephone operators. Smarmy artist Harry Prebble (Raymond Burr) is also in the office, sketching pictures of the operators. Both men talk to Crystal Carpenter (Ann Sothern), a divorcée who lives with two co-workers, Norah (Anne Baxter) and Sally (Jeff Donnell). Prebble takes an immediate liking to Crystal and calls the apartment … Continue reading The Blue Gardenia (1953)

“I’ve got a secret!”: Little-known “facts” about the stars from Modern Screen, November 1954

This post is a part of TMP’s Historical Context series, in which I share excerpts from my collection of vintage publications. Modern Screen’s November 1954 issue includes a feature titled “I’ve got a secret!” which claims to share the things you never knew about your favorite stars. Today I’ve decided to share these supposed facts with you! Linda Darnell would have been a nervous wreck … Continue reading “I’ve got a secret!”: Little-known “facts” about the stars from Modern Screen, November 1954

The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)

Eugene Morgan (Joseph Cotten) is a young and dashing man with a bit of a reputation for being wild. He wants to marry Isabel Amberson (Dolores Costello), a girl from an upper-class family, but she marries Wilbur Minafer instead. Wilbur is a dull man, but suits her social class better than the rambunctious Euguene. Wilbur and Isabel’s only child George (Tim Holt) is a total … Continue reading The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)