Number Seventeen (1932)

Detective Gilbert is searching for a necklace that has been stolen by a gang of thieves. He shows up at a seemingly empty house that’s open for sale or rent. The door is unlocked, so he enters into the shadows. But what he finds in those shadows isn’t exactly what he expected. A dead body is in the house, and a number of mysterious characters … Continue reading Number Seventeen (1932)

Watch on the Rhine (1943)

American Sara Muller (Bette Davis), her European husband Kurt (Paul Lukas) and their three children have decided to return to America, where they plan to say with Sara’s mother (Fanny, portrayed by Lucile Watson) in Washington DC. Sara has been away from home for nearly twenty years and is excited to return. The film begins with the Muller family crossing the border from Mexico into … Continue reading Watch on the Rhine (1943)

My Sister Eileen (1942)

Rosalind Russell stars as Ruth Sherwood, an aspiring writer who moves from Ohio to New York with her sister, Eileen (Janet Blair). Eileen dreams of becoming a big star on the stage. Not realizing that New York will be so expensive to live in, the girls only bring $100 with them, vowing to never borrow money from their father again. They move into a less-than-luxurious … Continue reading My Sister Eileen (1942)