Summer in ‘cember: Favorite things about… Gidget

The favorite film: Gidget, a 1959 beach flick from Columbia. The synopsis: Francie Lawrence is a young girl who reluctantly heads off to the beach on a “man hunt” with her friends. Her friends have the eyes for a group of totally groovy surfer dudes, but Francie would rather swim than scope out the hot-tays (much to the dismay of her fellow manhunters). After surfer … Continue reading Summer in ‘cember: Favorite things about… Gidget

Surf Party (1964)

Terry Wells (Patricia Morrow) is headed to California with two of her friends, Sylvia (Lory Patrick) and Junior (Jackie DeShannon), to visit her brother and learn to surf. Upon arrival in the sunny state, it doesn’t take long for the girls to get settled in and become a nuisance to the local police sergeant, who seems to disapprove of the beach bum lifestyle. The sergeant … Continue reading Surf Party (1964)