Things to Come (1936)

The year is 1940, and it’s Christmas in “Everytown.” Crowds gather in the streets, buying last-minute gifts and Christmas turkeys. News boys hold broadsheets declaring “WAR STORM BREWING” and “WORLD ON THE BRINK OF WAR.” John Cabal (Raymond Massey) reads the rumors of war, and is disheartened. He is sure that if war comes, it will mean the end of civilization as it is known. … Continue reading Things to Come (1936)

Stella Dallas (1937)

A note from Lindsey: This film was viewed as part of TMP’s Barbara Stanwyck Filmography project. Check out Listography for a full list of the project’s progress! Stella Martin (Barbara Stanwyck) is a working-class girl who falls for a rich, high-class man named Stephen Dallas (John Boles). Despite the differences in their backgrounds, the two marry and have a daughter together, Laurel (Anne Shirley). But a … Continue reading Stella Dallas (1937)

Two Against the World (1932)

Adell Hamilton (Constance Bennett), the youngest daughter of the Hamilton family, finds herself attracted to a lawyer named David Norton (Neil Hamilton). But their romance is no walk in the park. David is eventually assigned as the prosecutor in a murder case of which Adell has become a suspect, though her siblings were actually the ones involved in it. Will Adell risk losing her love … Continue reading Two Against the World (1932)

Mill Creek Musings: Half a Sinner (1940)

Welcome to Mill Creek Musings, a segment in which I work my way through the three low-price Mill Creek film sets that I own, reviewing each film for content and quality along the way. Half a Sinner marks my first viewing from the 50 Dark Crimes set. Schoolteacher Anne Gladden (Heather Angel) is young and bright, but fears that her future will be dull and … Continue reading Mill Creek Musings: Half a Sinner (1940)

Old Acquaintance (1943)

Kit Marlowe (Bette Davis) has become a big-shot writer with the critical success of her new novel. She decides to make a visit to her hometown to give a lecture, and plans to stay with her old best friend Millie (Miriam Hopkins) and Millie’s husband Preston (John Loder). Things get off to a rocky start when Kit is “kidnapped” by her fan club just after … Continue reading Old Acquaintance (1943)