FilmStruck Friday: The Exiles (1961)

Welcome to this week’s edition of FilmStruck Friday, the almost-weekly series in which I share reviews and recommendations of films from the TCM/Criterion streaming service. Today, a fascinating depiction of Los Angeles’ Native American community in the 1960s. Happy viewing! Contrary to the simplistic misconceptions held by many, the lives of native people in the United States are not confined to teepee-living, headdress-wearing, and battle-fighting, … Continue reading FilmStruck Friday: The Exiles (1961)

The Young Captives (1959)

Jamie Forbes (Steven Marlo) is an oil field worker, working the night shift. He’s had a few drinks and has fallen asleep on the job, radio playing loudly. When his boss, Mr. Kingston (Raymond Guth), finds him and wakes him up, things get violent. Jamie ends up killing Mr. Kingston. (This isn’t really a spoiler – it happens within the first few minutes.) Meanwhile, in … Continue reading The Young Captives (1959)

Favorite things about… Strangers on a Train

The favorite film: Strangers on a Train, a 1951 crime thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock for Warner Bros. The synopsis: Famed tennis player Guy Haines is on a train when he meets apparent super-fan Bruno Anthony. Odd conversation ensues, and Bruno can’t seem to quit bringing up all of the gossip that’s been surrounding Guy and his love life in the society pages. Bruno proposes … Continue reading Favorite things about… Strangers on a Train

Stormy Weather (1943)

Bill Williamson (Bill “Bojangles” Robinson) is a successful dancer – so successful that he has landed on the cover of Theatre World magazine. When he sees the magazine, he begins to reminisce, with the film flashing back to his days as a fledgling performer. After returning from World War I, Bill met a beautiful singer named Selina (Lena Horne) at a soldiers’ ball. Through flashbacks, … Continue reading Stormy Weather (1943)

Affectionately Yours (1941)

Having the opportunity to travel the world as a reporter can turn a married man into a womanizer – or so is the case for Rickey Mayberry (Dennis Morgan). Though his caring wife, Sue (Merle Oberon), waits for him in the States, Rickey spends his “business” trips flirting with just about every attractive woman he comes in contact with. Rickey often ropes in the ladies, … Continue reading Affectionately Yours (1941)