TMP Reads: Five Women I Love by Bob Hope

In 1966, Five Women I Love: Bob Hope’s Vietnam Story was published by Doubleday. The book tells the tale of Hope’s many USO tours, performing for enlisted men in Vietnam and Thailand. Accompanying him on the trip were Janis Paige, Anita Bryant, Kaye Stevens, Joey Heatherton, and Carroll Baker — five of countless participants, organizers, and crew who made the USO tour a success. From … Continue reading TMP Reads: Five Women I Love by Bob Hope

Collection Update: May 2016

This month’s collection update is ALL books. Mid-month I scoped out a used bookstore I’d never been to while visiting my mom and, of course, was able to track down a few film-related books. Later in the month, I visited another used bookstore (an old favorite) and found a whole stack of stuff to bring home. Here’s the list! Directed by Vincente Minnelli by Stephen … Continue reading Collection Update: May 2016

The Dot Blogathon: My Favorite Brunette

Ronnie Jackson (Bob Hope) has been tossed in the clink, and not just any prison — he’s at San Quentin and is expecting to soon be executed for murder. A grim outcome for a cheerful man once known for his art as “Ronnie: Baby Photographer.” Ronnie was a picture-snapper by trade, but he always had an interest in detective work, too. He went so far … Continue reading The Dot Blogathon: My Favorite Brunette

I’ll Take Sweden (1965)

Bob Holcomb (Bob Hope) is a single father who’s unhappy when his daughter JoJo (Tuesday Weld) announces that she’s engaged to a musician named Kenny (Frankie Avalon) who got kicked out of school and doesn’t have a job. Kenny’s over the moon because his grandma left him $1200 in her will. But that moneh won’t last long, and he doesn’t seem to have much of a future … Continue reading I’ll Take Sweden (1965)

Casanova’s Big Night (1954)

*This review contains a spoiler for the ending of the film, but it is clearly marked! Pippo Popolino (Bob Hope) is a miserable tailor’s apprentice living in Italy in the mid-18th century. He wants to woo the widow Francesca (Joan Fontaine), and to do so decides to dress up as Italy’s most notorious ladies man, Casanova. He quickly gets found out by Francesca and the … Continue reading Casanova’s Big Night (1954)