English Without Tears (1944)

Tom Gilbey (Michael Wilding) is the butler to Lady Christabel Beauclark (Margaret Rutherford) of England, an eccentric bird-lover who spends her time campaigning for bird rights. Gilbey is a third-generation butler, and a very good one. Lady Christabel takes him along wherever she travels. He hates visiting the continent, but reluctantly agrees to go along on her latest trip to Geneva. Lady Christabel’s niece Joan … Continue reading English Without Tears (1944)

Always a Bride (1953)

Victor Hemsley (Ronald Squire) and his daughter, Clare (Peggy Cummins), are con artists. Posing as a married couple, the pair travels to high-class hotels and resorts in the French Riviera. While staying at each resort, they pull a stunt where Mr. Hemsley disappears, deserting his “wife” Clare and taking all of her savings with him. Feigning shock and dismay, Clare then uses the scenario to … Continue reading Always a Bride (1953)

Made in Heaven (1952)

David Tomlinson and Petula Clark star in this post-war comedy about a couple, Basil and Julie, who hire a maid from Hungary. The couple lives with Basil’s parents and grandfather while waiting for their home to be built. Apparently the process is making very, very slow progress. Everyone in the house is tired of the clutter and the burnt breakfasts that are served courtesy of … Continue reading Made in Heaven (1952)