Corridors of Blood (1958)

“Pain and the knife are inseperable.” You would be forgiven for assuming that a film titled Corridors of Blood and starring none other than Boris Karloff would be a classic horror flick about a murderous count and his castle or a tunnel-dwelling vampire. But, brushing off all expectations, Corridors of Blood takes us back to London in the mid-19th century, where Karloff is a well-intentioned … Continue reading Corridors of Blood (1958)

Alias John Preston (1955)

The small town of Deanbridge has a new resident, John Preston (Christopher Lee). A wealthy man, Preston immediately finds a prominent place in the town, investing his money in local businesses and gaining favor through his involvement in the community. When John meets local gal Sally (Betta St. John), he quickly wins her affection away from childhood sweetheart Bob (Peter Grant). But when John begins having … Continue reading Alias John Preston (1955)

Horror of Dracula (1958)

Jonathan Harker has taken up a new job as a librarian in the house of none other than Count Dracula. The “librarian” gig is all an act, though. Jonathan is on a mission to kill the Count, who he is convinced is a deadly vampire. Jonathan doesn’t get very far in the battle: the Count soon turns him into a dead man walking. With Dracula getting … Continue reading Horror of Dracula (1958)