The Glass Slipper (1955)

Ella (Leslie Caron) is a lonely young woman. She isn’t technically alone, living with her stepmother (Elsa Lanchester) and stepsisters (Amanda Blake and Lisa Daniels), but she may as well live in isolation. Treated as a servant by the family, she has no friends in town, either. Ella has one little ray of hope, however. A few years before Ella was born, her mother was … Continue reading The Glass Slipper (1955)

Remaking the Classics: Cinderella (2015)

This review is part of a new once-in-a-while series, Remaking the Classics, where I’ll be doing full reviews of films that are remakes of classic-era releases and discussing how they differ from their predecessors. We kick off the series with a review of the live-action Cinderella, released earlier this year. A wicked stepmother, a fairy godmother, and talking mice… Cinderella is such a classic that … Continue reading Remaking the Classics: Cinderella (2015)

Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack: ‘First Love’ (1939)

I’m reviewing all of the films in the Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack, a 6-movie set featuring some of Durbin’s loveliest performances! This is the third film in the set. Previous reviews: ‘Three Smart Girls’ | ‘Something in the Wind’ Connie Harding (Deanna Durbin) has spent the past four years of her life at Miss Wiggins’ (Kathleen Howard) School for Girls. She is graduating, and while … Continue reading Deanna Durbin Sweetheart Pack: ‘First Love’ (1939)