Two on a Guillotine (1965)

As they often do, this story starts innocently enough, sort of a behind-the-scenes showbiz picture about a magician and his assistant/wife planning a new finale for their act. They’ll soon be heading out on a European tour and hope to shock audiences with a beheading illusion inspired by Marie Antoinette. Flash forward to 1965 and Cassie, the daughter of this magician and  his wife, is now … Continue reading Two on a Guillotine (1965)

Haunted Old Hollywood? Connie Stevens and the Sonja Henie house

My DVR recently* taped a Biography channel special called “The Haunting of Connie Stevens” as a suggestion. As a fan of Connie Stevens and a person with an interest in paranormal happenings and the so-called “evidence” of them, I decided to give it a watch. (*It was “recently” when I wrote this. I drafted this over a year ago and forgot to post it. Oops!) … Continue reading Haunted Old Hollywood? Connie Stevens and the Sonja Henie house

The Party Crashers (1958)

Barbara Nickerson (Connie Stevens) is a girl who typically hangs with the squares – until the night that Twig (Mark Damon) and his gang crash one of her friends’ parties. Twig is a tough guy with a bad reputation, and Barbara decides to start hanging out with him and his buddies, dragging her boyfriend Josh (Bobby Driscoll) along with her. Though she comes from what … Continue reading The Party Crashers (1958)