Colleen (1936)

Frank S. Nugent said it best in his New York Times review of Colleen, writing, “There isn’t much point in composing a critical analysis of these Warner musical films: you just accept or reject them for what they are. […] Equal parts of Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell for romance, Hugh Herbert and Joan Blondell… Read More Colleen (1936)

Hollywood Hotel (1938)

Ronnie Bowers (Dick Powell) is a musician, playing the saxophone and lending his pipes to Benny Goodman’s orchestra. His next adventure is to take a 10-week trip to the City of Angels after winning a short contract with All Star Pictures. Ronnie, however, doesn’t expect to find fame in Hollywood. Benny promises that his job… Read More Hollywood Hotel (1938)

The Tall Target (1951)

The year is 1861. President Lincoln has recently been elected and will soon be inaugurated. John Kennedy (Dick Powell) is a New York police officer. With the country in turmoil following the election, Kennedy is convinced that Lincoln will face an assassination attempt on his way to Baltimore for a pre-inauguration speaking engagement. Kennedy unveils his… Read More The Tall Target (1951)