The Reformer and the Redhead (1950)

Commodore John Balwind Parker (Ray Collins) is a corrupt political boss and famed trophy hunter. After his latest safari hunting trip, he returns to Oakport, California and announces that he and his neice Lily (Kathleen Freeman) will display the heads of their kills at the city zoo. Dr. Kevin Maguire (Cecil Kellaway), superintendent of the zoo, disapproves of the Commodore’s actions. He is ardently opposed … Continue reading The Reformer and the Redhead (1950)

Right Cross (1950)

Pat O’Malley (June Allyson) is a second-generation fight promoter, taking the reigns from her father Sean (Lionel Barrymore). He was once the best promoter in the biz but has suffered some health complications, leaving his daughter to take over much of his work. Along with the work, Pat has also found a bit of romance in the boxing world, striking up a relationship with her … Continue reading Right Cross (1950)

Flirtation Walk (1934)

Dick “Canary” Dorcy (Dick Powell) is an Army man, stationed in Hawaii. He isn’t exactly a model soldier. Resistant to taking orders, Dick often finds himself arguing with his sergeant (Pat O’Brien), who says he should go to West Point and learn to give orders if he’s so unwilling to take them. There may be something to the sergeant’s point, but Dick has no real desire … Continue reading Flirtation Walk (1934)

The Tall Target (1951)

The year is 1861. President Lincoln has recently been elected and will soon be inaugurated. John Kennedy (Dick Powell) is a New York police officer. With the country in turmoil following the election, Kennedy is convinced that Lincoln will face an assassination attempt on his way to Baltimore for a pre-inauguration speaking engagement. Kennedy unveils his suspicions to his supervisor, but the supervisor doesn’t believe there’s … Continue reading The Tall Target (1951)

Reviewin’ the Box: Dames (1934) on DVD

A note from Lindsey: If you’re interested in seeing this film and can’t find a used copy of Dames alone, it’s also available in The Busby Berkeley Collection boxed set (which I am forever lusting after) and TCM’s Greatest Classic Films: Busby Berkeley set. I’m 99.999% sure that the copy I picked up from the library is a singled-out version of the one that appears … Continue reading Reviewin’ the Box: Dames (1934) on DVD