Outward Bound (1930)

A note from Lindsey: I recently reviewed the later film version of this story, Between Two Worlds. I decided to watch and review both versions for comparison (and because I love both Paul Henreid and Leslie Howard). Outward Bound (1930) is a talkie based on the hit play of the same title by Sutton Vane. … More Outward Bound (1930)

Loose Ankles (1930)

Ann Harper (Loretta Young) is a beautiful, young socialite who stands to inherit a fortune on two conditions: her family can not be scandalized in print, and she must find a husband that her aunts and uncle approve of. The catch? Ann isn’t the only one with big cash at stake. The surviving members of … More Loose Ankles (1930)

Union Depot (1932)

Alfred E. Green’s Union Depot (1932) starts off by setting up the frantic pace of – what else? – a busy metropolitan train station. Moving around the depot, the film shows a wide range of people saying goodbye to loved ones, boarding trains or playing the waiting game before their trains arrive. Now that the … More Union Depot (1932)