Collector’s Corner: Collecting Stanwyck

Back in November, I introducted a subcategory of Collector’s Corner called Star Collections. In this series I share all of the films, books, and magazines I own featuring a particular classic film star. The series started with Cary Grant, so it’s only appropriate that the second installment feature my favorite actress: Barbara Stanwyck! Stanwyck Books & Mags As I browsed my shelves, this surprised me … Continue reading Collector’s Corner: Collecting Stanwyck

Collection Update: March 2017

Though I took some time off from blogging in March, I didn’t exactly take time off from adding to the collections. Here’s what I picked up! Films Empire Records (1995) – DVD Special features include additional scenes, music videos, and filmographies. I loved this film as a teen but haven’t seen it in years. Excited to give it a second look after finding this DVD … Continue reading Collection Update: March 2017

Collection Update: September 2016

A relatively small collection update for September — four DVDs that I found for too-low-to-pass-up prices. I did break my “classics only” buying ban this month, but for good causes: nostalgia (two childhood favorites) and continuing my collection of Disney movies. Here’s what I picked up! The Land Before Time (DVD) I haven’t seen this movie in YEARS but loved it as a kid. Excited … Continue reading Collection Update: September 2016