Redhead (1941)

Ted Brown (Johnny Downs), a young man with no motivation or aspirations, is driving his dad nuts. Desperate to change his son’s attitude, the older Mr. Brown hires a beautiful girl named Dale Carter (June Lang), paying her $10,000 to whip Ted into shape. Things get predictably complicated when Dale finds herself truly falling for Ted. This 1941 romance, Redhead, was released by Poverty Row … Continue reading Redhead (1941)

Lindsey Tries to Appreciate Westerns: Gun Street (1961)

Gary Wells has been serving prison time for six years after attempting to rob a bank. He makes a daring escape, heading back to the small, dusty town he was arrested in. Gary’s got big plans of getting revenge on those who imprisoned him. Wells’ biggest targets are his ex-wife (Peggy Stewart), who has remarried to Dr. Knudson (John Pickard), and Jeff Baxley (Herb Armstrong), who was directly responsible for … Continue reading Lindsey Tries to Appreciate Westerns: Gun Street (1961)